Do Banner Medicare Advantage plans cover Medicare Part B prescription drugs as well as  Part D prescription drugs? 

Yes. Banner Medicare Advantage covers both Medicare Part B and Part D prescription drugs.   

Where can I get my prescriptions filled?  

Banner Medicare Advantage offers a mail -order option as well as an expansive network of pharmacies at which you can have your prescription filled and refilled. Banner Family Pharmacy offers mail -order prescription services with co-pays less than or equal to what you would pay at a retail pharmacy; additionally, you can receive 90-day supplies shipped right to your home with no shipping costs. If you choose to have your prescription filled at a retail pharmacy, you must use an in-network pharmacy; if you get a prescription filled at an out-of-network pharmacy, the costs may not be covered by your Banner Medicare Advantage plan. For a list of Banner Medicare Advantage network pharmacies, click here.  

What is a Formulary?

A Formulary - commonly called a “list of covered drugs”- is a list of all prescription medications covered by your plan. Banner Medicare Advantage’s Formulary is expansive and designed to meet the wide variety of medical needs of our members. As our members’ needs are constantly evolving and new medications become available regularly, the list of covered drugs is updated. Anytime a change to the list impacts you, Banner will notify you before the change is made and work with you to get you a temporary supply of the medication to provide you and your provider the opportunity to review your treatment plan and change the prescribed medication, as appropriate. For most medical conditions, more than one brand or type of medication is available for treatment, so you can feel confident an appropriate alternative will be available. Your provider will review the available options with you, so you can choose the option that’s right for you. With your physician’s assistance, our Customer Care Center can also be contacted to request an exception, in the event the needed medication is not on the current Formulary List. To see if your medications are included in the current Banner Medicare Advantage Formulary Directory, click here.