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Innovation at Banner Health

The Banner Innovation Group (BIG) accelerates Banner Health into the future by creating and implementing solutions that connect what we do today with our strategic goals. Our track record of introducing emerging ideas in health care drives new growth, capabilities, and technologies for the future of health. Health care needs and challenges are evolving faster than ever before, and our innovations result in real impact on issues like healthy aging, chronic disease, mental health, wellness, and making health care more accessible for the communities we serve.  

Our Approach
BIG Design  Test
Human-Centered Design and Testing

We use a human-centered approach to understand, prototype and test the best ideas for transforming the way people deliver, receive and understand care.
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BIG Venture
Ventures that Drive Innovation

We look for emerging and unproven innovations to kindle new growth in care delivery, medicine, wellness, technology and consumer health. 
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BIG Partnership
Strategic Partnerships

We bring like-minded organizations together with Banner Health to pursue a mutual goal of making health care easier, so life can be better.
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Transforming the Future for Our Communities

Banner Innovation Group (BIG) takes a practical, people-first approach to innovation. This means we always consider how new ideas will affect both the communities we serve and our dedicated staff delivering care around the clock. To achieve our vision of being our community’s most trusted health partner, BIG evaluates how innovative solutions impact the quality, reliability, and value of the care Banner Health provides. The innovations arising from our staff and partners not only improve and simplify care, but they also deepen the relationships between patients and clinicians, communities and institutions, and individuals and their own health. This holistic view prioritizes the interactions among the people that make health care possible, and we believe it is the key to a healthier future. 

Our commitment to innovation is about making real changes that matter. By focusing on what patients, caregivers, and clinicians truly need, BIG aims to make health care better and more accessible for everyone. Through partnerships, human-centered design principles, and collaborative ventures with other health innovators, BIG builds a future where health care is more than a service delivered at a point in time – it is a boundless resource that helps people build a capability for wellness and foundation for a thriving life. The Banner Innovation Group delivers results to make that future a reality, developing fresh ideas and cultivating strong partners to make health care easier so life can be better. 

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