Home Delivery Basics

We understand that ordering and picking up a prescription is not always convenient. If you want to save money and time and communicate directly with your providers, the Banner Family Pharmacy - Home Delivery service is the perfect solution. For Banner employees and their dependents who are covered under one of Banner's employee medical plans, our service is conveniently provided to you. If you have any questions about the home delivery program, please call (602) 747-6441.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our skilled and patient team offers friendly guidance to help you enroll. The process only takes a few steps:

  1. Take a moment to fill out our Home Delivery online form for easy enrollment. A member of our team will contact you by phone to review payment options and collect your preferred payment method.
  2. Contact your doctor to request a new prescription to be sent to our pharmacy.

There is no additional cost for Banner Family Pharmacy – Home Delivery. Shipping is always free.

In fact, there are many financial perks:

  • Banner Choice Plus and Select Medical plan members receive the lowest prices on maintenance medication through any location.
  • A discount of half of 1 month’s copay is added if you use the service for your 90-day supply.
  • Banner Health Savings medical plan members receive a 5% discount off the total price of the medication.

There are several easy ways to pay for home delivery. You can choose between a credit, debit card, health savings or flexible spending account. We store your preferred method of payment in a secure system for future refills.

No more extra stops at the pharmacy for your 90 day prescriptions. Home delivery pharmacy is designed for your convenience. Short-term prescriptions such as antibiotics should be filled at your retail pharmacy of choice. Some medications cannot be mailed or may have specific delivery restrictions.

If your prescription needs to be refrigerated, Banner Family Pharmacy – Home Delivery provides special care for proper handling. We make sure temperature sensitive medications are accompanied by a cold gel pack and then shipped overnight or next-day delivery. We will wrap your medication bubble wrap and pack it in an insulated bag.

Our goal is to provide your medication to you as quick and easy as possible. Your prescription will arrive roughly 5 days after the pharmacy receives your prescription. If there are any issues in processing your prescription request, we will contact you.

For one-time, non-maintenance or more urgent prescriptions you can fill your prescription at your local pharmacy of choice. Short-term prescription such as an antibiotic, pain relief or sleep agent are perfect for this option.

Your copay for generic medications is generally less than your copay for brand name medications. We will automatically fill your prescription with the generic equivalent if it is available unless your doctor recommends the brand name medication.

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