For Physicians & Residents

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If you are interested in an exciting physician opportunity within one of our seven western states, become part of one of our medical groups!

Learn more about what we provide:

  • Banner iCare™ uses technology to monitor patients from hundreds of miles away.
  • Banner Medical Group find out more about Banner Medical Group physicians, their locations, and their hours.
  • Banner Medical Libraries provides knowledge-based information resources and services to assist in clinical and administrative decision-making.
  • Clinical Connectivity can help physicians, office and insurance staff to access clinical information quickly.
  • Continuing Medical Education provides a list of educational activities sponsored or joint-sponsored by Banner Health.
  • ICD-10 How you can be up to date on ICD-10 transition
  • Physician Referral locates a physician that serves our facilities.
  • Research Administration supports the development and oversight activities of research conducted by physicians and other investigators at Banner Health.
  • Residency Programs find out more about our Graduate Medical Education programs in Arizona and Colorado.
  • Direct Trust Email Exchange allows for providers and organizations to receive patient health information from Banner Health.