Behavioral Health Emergencies

What is a Behavioral Health Emergency?

  • When you think you are having a crisis or any situation where, because of your mood or thinking, you believe you might hurt yourself or someone else.
  • When someone's thinking changes rapidly to the point where the person is not able to recognize reality from fantasy. Sometimes the person does not realize what is happening and may not want help.

B – UFC/ACC can make a referral and help you get behavioral health services. However, a referral is not needed to access behavioral health services.

For non-emergency behavioral health services, you may also call any of the following people or organizations to find out where to go or who to call for help with your situation:

  • Call Customer Care Center during business hours and ask for assistance with a behavioral health referral or to speak with a Behavioral Health Care Manager.
  • Call your PCP's office and ask for a behavioral health referral.