Serious disease is still out there. You may not see serious disease in your neighborhood, like your parents or grandparents did. We are protected from these diseases now because of vaccines, but these diseases do still exist. If we were to stop vaccinating, the diseases would return. Making the choice to vaccinate is making the choice to protect your child from vaccine preventable diseases.

The United States currently has the safest, most effective vaccine supply in its history. Before a vaccine is approved and given to children, it is tested extensively. Scientists and medical professionals carefully evaluate all the available information about the vaccine to determine its safety and effectiveness. As new information and science become available, vaccine recommendations are updated.

Your child may feel discomfort or tenderness where he or she got the shot, but this is minor compared to the serious complications that can result from the diseases these vaccines prevent. Nearly all children can be safely vaccinated. There are some exceptions, including children with allergies to something in a vaccine and those with weakened immune systems due to an illness or a medical treatment, such as chemotherapy.

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