Depression and Anxiety

Depression during or after pregnancy can become serious if not treated. If you think you may have depression, talk to your doctor as soon as possible, even if it’s before your next appointment.

View the related information found within our guide, A Healthy Pregnancy Starts With You, page 14:

Some symptoms can include: 

  • Being constantly worried
  • Feeling that something bad is going to happen
  • Racing thoughts that keep you up at night
  • Getting upset or angry easily
  • Feeling anxious or panicky
  • Having upset thoughts that can’t get out of your mind

If you’re pregnant and you have any of these signs, or if the signs get worse, call your doctor or Postpartum Support International Arizona Warmline at (800) 944-4773. You can also text Postpartum Support International by sending “HELP” to the number (800) 944-4773. There are things you and your provider can do to help you feel better. If you are worried about hurting yourself or your baby, call 911.

View a list of available crisis assistance in your area here.