Peer Support Employment Training Information

Peer Support Education Training Information

Are you interested in becoming a certified peer or family support specialist? First, you must be certified by an AHCCCS approved training program. You must also pass a competency exam. There are organizations in the community that can help you get started! 

Peer/Family support specialists work in a variety of settings with different populations such as:

  • Crisis Centers
  • Health Homes/Behavioral Health Clinics  
  • Peer Run Organizations
  • Health Plans

You will use your lived experience to: 

  • Run support groups.
  • Mentor others.
  • Identify needs and recovery goals.
  • Access support and resources in the community.
  • Help members to overcome service barriers.

Training Programs: 

  • Cover behavioral health and substance use services. 
  • Are about 40 hours but vary in length depending on the program.
  • Can be focused on Criminal Justice, Opioid Use Disorder, and/or other specialty areas.

If you are interested in additional information visit the link below:

Contact your behavioral health provider, health plan or email [email protected], and/or [email protected] for additional assistance.