Outpatient Pediatric Surgery

The caring teams at Banner Health are prepared to help your child get back to everyday life. Whether your child has a common illness or is injured during a sports game, let Banner get your child on the road to recovery.

What Is Pediatric Outpatient Surgery? 

Today, many children’s surgeries aren’t required to be done at a hospital. Many pediatric surgeries like ear, nose and throat (ENT), general surgery, urology and more are conveniently offered at Banner Surgery Centers. These surgeries can be performed in an outpatient or an inpatient facility depending on your doctor’s recommendation. The team at Banner is here to minimize fear during these times for children. We provide a comfortable, quiet environment for you and your child throughout surgery and recovery. 

Common Outpatient Pediatric Services and Surgeries

From common colds to ear infections, children often experience common illnesses that require minimally invasive surgical procedures within specific services, such as:

Lean on the team at Banner Health to reduce any anxiety for you and your child around upcoming surgeries. Feel free to ask our expert staff members any questions you may have. We’re here to help.

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