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Banner Gateway Medical Center (BGMC) received the prestigious Magnet™ designation in June 2017. BGMC was awarded the following exemplars from the American Nurse Credentialing Center at their site visit: 1) Restructure of Shared Leadership House Council, 2) Nursing Practice Peer Review, 3) Newly formed Nursing Research Committee, 4) Culture of Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research consistently utilized in guiding Nursing practice, 5) Evidence of Interdisciplinary collaboration throughout all practice areas, 6) Comprehensive Patient Plans of Care involving all disciplines, and 7) Staff who were interviewed were able to speak to and demonstrate Bedside Shift Report.

Below are examples of the professional nursing contributions in relation to the Banner Health Professional Practice Model (PPM).  Banner Health’s PPM is foundational in creating a professional practice environment and is embedded with the structures and processes of BGMC.  The PPM is a structure for nurses that supports the development of professional nursing practice and promote excellent patient care experiences.

Contribution to Patients

  • Implementation of a protocol to ensure cancer patients with fever neutropenia get immediate treatment to prevent future complications
  • Aromatherapy for patients for a variety of situations such as anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness
  • Research study to determine an effective intervention to limit chemo spillage on toilets by patients undergoing chemotherapy to protect patient and family members from chemo exposure
  • BMDACC Supportive Oncology Council and Cancer Survivorship Program
  • Clinical nurse involvement in improvement teams to reduce hospital-acquired complications, such as patient falls, pressure injuries, and central line and urinary catheter-related complications
  • Nurse driven protocols for indwelling urinary catheter removal and oral care for oncology patients

Contribution to Profession

  • Shared Leadership: BGMC is committed to ensuring a strong interdisciplinary shared leadership (shared governance) program in individual departments as well as the facility-wide shared leadership house council (SLHC).  Recent projects that the BGMC SLHC have collaborated and delivered: Food Drive for the local community for the Thanksgiving holiday, selection of the facility monthly Zero Harm award, portable Bell of Hope for Cancer survivors to ring with family present when completing oncological treatments, Christmas Toy Drive in collaboration with the Gilbert Fire Department.  These are just a few of the contributions SLHC members have made.
  • RN Recognition: BGMC values their nurses and has several different ways and forums honor and celebrate nurses who contribute to delivering excellent patient care.  The outstanding nurses at BGMC are recognized through a surprise presentation of the DAISY award in their respective departments, during the Annual Nurses Day week celebrations and award distributions, and in the CNO’s Monthly Newsletter in the recognition section that honors BGMC nurses’ milestones including nurses who: hold positions/offices in professional nursing organizations, publish, present at conferences, complete research or an evidence-based practice projects, earn a higher degree, or obtain a national certification.  Additionally, nursing research Grant Awards recognize registered nurses and occurs each year if a BGMC RN submits and is selected for a grant for research, EBP or PI project. These grants are provided by the Nursing research Grant Awards from the Better Together Campaign, Nursing Development Fund.  Most recently a grant of $2,200 was received from the Nursing Development fund for conducting the nursing research study “Chemo Toilet Spillage”.
  • Promotion of Certification: BGMC is committed to supporting all RNs to receive their professional certification within their specialty area.  This is done through prepayment/reimbursement of a certification exam paid in full up to 2 times.  Recently BGMC contracted with the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) for their Freetake certification program to better assist nurses to prepare and to take any of the professional certifications offered by the Oncology Nursing Society.
  • Nursing Research: Nurses are encouraged to participate in nursing research studies.  In 2019, two staff nurses served as co-investigators for the Nursing Research study, “Nurse Perceptions of Decision-Making and Engagement in a Shared Governance Culture”.  Additionally, there have been other bedside nurses involved in other Nursing Research studies.

Contribution to Society

  • BGMC Patient Family Advisory Council: this council was established in 2014 and is comprised of nurses and ancillary staff partnering with patients and families.  Formally partnering with patients and families in an advisory council format is based on the belief that improving systems at the organizational and service line level are best shaped when patients, families and clinical professionals work together in all aspects of patient care, program planning, and care coordination.
  • March of Dimes Fundraising
  • Toy Drive at Christmas and Back to School Backpack Drive in coordination with the Gilbert Fire Department