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Hospital Price Transparency

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The information found here includes Banner Health’s pricing data for services at our hospitals, in formats required by The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Please note – prices will vary depending on the type of patient encounter at one of our facilities, the extent of services provided during that encounter, and the specific health plan or private pay source of payment. To better determine your specific prices and financial obligations, please check with your insurance company to understand your explanation of benefits or contact Banner Health’s financial assistance office as directed on this website. 

Do not delay or avoid hospital care based on cost or ability to pay. Banner Health offers financial assistance programs and payment options.

Hospital prices are complex. Every patient may receive a unique set of services based on their needs and it can be difficult to estimate out of pocket costs. While the resources below can serve as a guide in your decision making, the best source of information is a formal patient estimate which can be obtained by calling (888) 688-4797. Our team can provide information about your individual plan benefits and cost sharing that are much more specific than the broad estimates available here.

Select your facility below to see Standard Charges including Payor Negotiated Rates in the Machine-Readable File (MRF). View and obtain information regarding Shoppable Services for a specific location. If you need help finding a procedure, plan or services, Please reach out to us at the number above. 

Please note: The hospital prices found in this resource do not include insurance deductible or other patient specific insurance information, potential self-pay, or financial assistance discounts and therefore may not be a true reflection of the patient responsibility.   







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