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Women’s Heart Center

Women and men are not the same. So it makes sense that our hearts are different too. Women's heart disease is often under-treated, under-recognized and under-diagnosed. This is because past research focused only on men. We're determined to change this for our daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, wives and friends. We have a single focus on the unique aspects of a woman's heart such as prevention strategies, diagnostic tools and therapies designed just for her. We're improving the heart health of women every day. We can improve yours too.

Banner believes in making health care easy

We make advanced heart care more accessible by accepting most insurance.
Heart care just for women
We know women's hearts. We will care for yours with prevention strategies and therapies proven to be most effective for women.
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Understand your risk for heart disease
Get to know your heart with our women's and postpartum health risk assessments.
Heart disease prevention for women
Based on your assessment we can offer lifestyle changes or therapies for prevention.
Treating coronary artery disease in women
If you have small vessel or microvascular disease our specialized care is made for you.

What our patients are saying

My visit was very pleasant. The staff was courteous, professional and very informative.
Advancing medical research with U of A
We partner with University of Arizona to explore new drugs and procedures.
Access to the latest clinical trials
You may benefit from new treatments not yet available to the public.
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