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Brain Injury Center

Our goal is for you to have the best possible recovery from any type of brain injury. We specialize in treating brain injuries caused by trauma and disease. Our experts are here to help you with the most advanced care and a wide range of treatment options. We also provide the ongoing support you may need after your injury.



Banner believes in making health care easy

We make advanced care for brain injury more accessible by accepting most insurance.
The Highest Level of Care
We provide the most advanced treatment and recovery care for a brain injury.
We treat the most advanced injuries
Our experience with traumatic brain injuries means we offer the highest level of care.
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Customized care plans
Your personalized care includes long term and follow-up care, and lifestyle management.
Comprehensive rehabilitation services
We excel in therapies, education and support services you and your family.

What our patients are saying

Excellent service and I always receive respect from everyone that works there.
Advancing medical research with U of A
We partner with University of Arizona to explore new drugs and procedures.
Access to the latest clinical trials
You may benefit from new treatments not yet available to the public.
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