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Headache Center

Do your headaches cause you to miss work, school or family activities? If so, we can help. Our headache experts use a unique, comprehensive approach to treat all types of headaches from migraines and cluster headaches to pain caused by conditions such as stroke, heart disease and epilepsy. Let our headache specialists help you relieve your pain and get back to your life.



Banner believes in making health care easy

We make advanced neurology care more accessible by accepting most insurance.
Advanced Headache Care
Our headache experts can help relieve your pain with the latest treatment options.
Identifying the cause
We provide a comprehensive evaluation to identify the possible cause of your pain.
Wide range of treatment options
Treatments may include medication, physical therapy, Botox injections and more.
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Board-certified in headache medicine
Our headache specialist is one of only 500 specialists nationwide board-certified in headache medicine.

What our patients are saying

I can't thank the doctor enough. She helped me tremendously where my primary doctor couldn't.
Advancing medical research with U of A
We partner with University of Arizona to explore new drugs and procedures.
Access to the latest clinical trials
You may benefit from new treatments not yet available to the public.
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