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Neurology Services at East Morgan County Hospital

Excellence in Neurological Care

At East Morgan County Hospital, we bring world-class neurological care to the Brush area through our Telestroke program. We’ve partnered with Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Colorado, to make that possible.

Innovative Treatment Options

Every second counts when it comes to treating strokes. When our team members suspect a patient is having a stroke, we bring in a sophisticated robot that communicates with a neurologist at Swedish Medical Center.

With the robot and its two-way communication equipment, the neurologist can diagnose the patient and decide if the patient should be moved to a different facility. This advanced technology makes it possible for the neurologist in Englewood to interview the patient and his or her family members, and the doctor can provide valuable consultations on the plan of care.

This advanced technology is just part of our commitment to bring the highest-quality care possible to our patients and their families.