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Maternity Services at Banner Wyoming Medical Center

Family-Centered maternity services

Wyoming Medical Center strives to create a warm, comfortable environment for babies and families. We offer state-of-the-art equipment and a maternity staff with the sensitivity and training to ensure you and your baby receive the attention you deserve.

Whenever you hear the lullaby playing over the PA system, another baby has just been born in the Ruth R. Ellbogen Mother, Baby and Family Center. The lullaby plays more than 1,100 times every year.

Our center has six labor and delivery rooms, a dedicated C-section operating suite and 10 private rooms big enough for the whole family. All of our rooms are furnished with pull-out couches for dads or other family members to use throughout their stay.

While our goal is to keep mother and baby together, some babies need more care than others. Our Level II Nursery allows us to keep more babies in Casper that would have traditionally been transferred to a hospital with more specialized care. This keeps families together, close to home and work, and is safer for babies.

  • It features three separate rooms providing more privacy and the ability to isolate babies that must be protected.
  • It can support more babies with respiratory difficulties by administering oxygen, ventilation, anitibiotics and more.
  • The pediatric hospitalist program means there is a doctor on site 24 hours a day to care for babies that need extra help.