Orthopedics Services at Ogallala Community Hospital

Excellence in Orthopedic Care

At Ogallala Community Hospital, our team includes orthopedic doctors and surgeons who specialize in conditions of the spine, bones, joints and muscles. We treat patients from all ages, from children to older adults and everyone in between.

You don't need to travel out of your way to get help. We provide the care you need for your orthopedic conditions and injuries. And we provide it in a facility that's convenient and close to home.

What Orthopedic Treatments Can I Get?

Ogallala Community Hospital specialists treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions, including:

Our specialty services and programs for orthopedic conditions include:

  • Bone spur and bunion removal
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures for treating ankle, shoulder and knee problems
  • Rotator cuff and ACL repairs
  • Total joint replacements, including hip, knee and shoulder replacements

You're part of our orthopedic team. When you have pain or problems related to your spine, bones, joints and muscles, we're here to help.