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Page Hospital

Welcome to Page Hospital, where we are committed to providing you and your family with exceptional care and service. We are proud to care for you with compassion, dignity and respect. All of us at Page Hospital work hard to create an environment that offers comfort and healing to patients and visitors.

Page Hospital emphasizes a uniquely holistic approach to recovery. The care provided to each patient goes beyond physical needs, caring for the person’s spiritual and emotional well-being in an environment uniquely designed for healing.

501 N Navajo Rd
Page, AZ 86040

Services At This Location

Patients and Visitors

Visiting Page Hospital

Our hospital supports the Planetree Alliance model of care. As an affiliate, we commit to a patient-first, holistic approach to health care which promotes mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical healing. We empower our patients and families to form a healing partnership with caregivers. This is accomplished by emphasizing the importance of every patient experience whether it’s in a hospital bed or during an outpatient visit.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are flexible to ensure our patients have the family and support they need during their care. Please ring the buzzer at the front entrance to enter the hospital after hours.

Guest Wireless

We are pleased to offer guest wireless services.


The hospital cafeteria is open for breakfast and lunch every day of the week.

Visitor Restrictions

In response to flu and respiratory virus season activity increasing, Banner Health has implemented visitor restrictions at all of its hospitals, beginning Tuesday, Jan. 2. Learn more about our Visitor Restrictions. 

About Us

Page Hospital is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital. Built in 1958, the hospital provides a range of medical services that include Emergency services, Surgery, Medical Imaging, Obstetrics, Cardiopulmonary, Acute Care and Rehabilitation.

We are a Planetree bronze tier person-centered hospital, meaning our hospital is a place of physical, mental and spiritual healing. Our employees strive to care for patients with compassion, dignity and respect. You and your family are our partners in care.

In keeping with the Planetree philosophy, distractions commonly associated with hospitals have been removed. Medical equipment is kept out of sight and overhead paging has been replaced with the soothing sounds of soft music. Hospital rooms have couches, refrigerators, outdoor patios and gardens, and more. Artwork is inspired by the area’s large Native American population and the surrounding beauty of the canyons and Lake Powell. Other Native American elements include a weaving loom and a traditional healing Hogan.

Traditional Native American Care

The healing environment of Page Hospital extends to the area’s large Native American population.

Our cooks provide a number of traditional food selections. Family members can bring in homemade items and, when possible, use the patient-family dining room.

Medicine men/women are welcome and a referral list is available. Physicians are willing to participate in blessings at the patient’s or family’s request. These can be held either in the patient’s room or in the hogan.

Located in the patio area, the hogan was built with an east-facing entrance and tarps for covering openings and doors for blessings and other ceremonies. A fireplace is also available.

Family members and patients can weave on the Navajo loom. We also have a number of oversized rooms to accommodate gatherings of family and friends.

Page Hospital has a Native American Cultural Committee, comprised of Native American staff members. They work to enhance communication and to integrate aspects of the culture throughout the hospital.