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With Banner Family Pharmacy – Specialty you have a partner. We offer free shipping of your medicines, a refill reminder service and access to therapy management programs. These programs are designed to ensure that you get the most from your medications. While not all therapies will work 100% of the time, we will follow your treatment and help you and your doctor find an alternative, when possible, if your medication or treatment program is not meeting your goals.

We know some medicines not only call for special care and handling, you also need expert advice from Specialty Clinical Pharmacists who are focused on helping you reach your treatment goals.

You will also get the support of patient advocates who can help you with insurance and other assistance programs to pay for your prescriptions. While not all of our patients are able to receive financial assistance due to income or insurance type, we will work hard to ensure that we seek the best resources on your behalf. 

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About Us

We recommend you take advantage of the services offered by our program to help you get the most out of your specialty medications. However, if you choose to opt out of these services, you can let a Pharmacy Patient Advocate or a Pharmacist know at any time. 

What Your Specialty Clinical Pharmacist Will Do for You 

  • Provide information about your treatment and how to use it 
  • Answer questions about your disease or treatment 
  • Work with you on avoiding or managing any side effects you may encounter during treatment 
  • Work with your doctor to obtain your prescriptions and assist with the management of your treatment 

Pharmacy Patient Advocates (PPA) assists with insurance billing for your specialty medicines. Every patient enrolled in the Specialty Pharmacy has access to a PPA free of charge.

What Your PPA Can Do For You

Your Pharmacy Patient Advocates works closely with pharmacists, technicians and the Pharmacy Billing Office to help answer your billing questions, get insurance information, check your coverage and streamline the payment process. In addition, your PPA can also tell you if you qualify for help paying for medications. Please tell your PPA if you have any insurance changes.

How We Coordinate Your Care

Our staff will proactively determine the best specialty pharmacy for you, based on your pharmacy benefit and health plan. If our pharmacy is not contracted with your insurance, our pharmacy staff will move your prescription to the preferred pharmacy in your plan. We will work with that pharmacy to arrange your care and benefit information, and transfer your prescriptions on your behalf.

Getting Your Medicine on Time

Our Pharmacy Patient Advocates will call you about one week before you run out of your specialty medicine to set up delivery of your next order. This makes sure we have time to bill insurance, solve any issues, and set up your delivery to your home or preferred address. We also offer mobile-enabled patient assessments to allow you to answer questions about your refill and medication straight from your mobile phone. 


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