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Banner High Performance Center 7400 N Dobson Rd

Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center

7400 N. Dobson Road Suite #101
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

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Banner High Performance Center 7400 N Dobson Rd

The Banner High Performance Center is a client-centered facility that helps athletes and performers of all ages and skill levels reach their maximum potential in health, wellness and athletic performance. The High Performance Center combines a unique blend of sports science, technology and evidence-based programming to minimize injuries and optimize performance.

Our elite team of performance specialists and sports medicine providers work collaboratively to deliver an unparalleled athlete experience. Whether you are a weekend warrior, a young athlete looking to take your game to the next level or a professional athlete preparing for your next season, we are a premier destination to meet your human performance needs.

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About Us

Our High-Performance team consists of orthopedic and sports medicine physicians, PT’s, ATC’s, strength and performance staff, biomechanist/sports scientists, sports nutritionists, mental health/mental skills coaches, and sport specific skill development coaches.  This team of professionals evaluate athletic performance and movement to understand each performer and develop personalized strategies and programs for all sports and age levels. 

Our athletes have access to assessments that provide insight and personalized programming into muscle imbalance, quality of movement, strength, power, and metabolic efficiency.  Assessment and monitoring tools available include 3D biomechanics analysis, sports science testing, using state of the art equipment, for developing comprehensive athlete profiles in order to understand each individual’s human performance and personalize interventions for each athlete.

Specialized 3D Biomechanics system includes kinetic (Force Plates) and kinematic assessments (Motion Capture Cameras).  These applications have been installed into specific sport environments to provide versatility to evaluate a variety of athletes including those who play court and field sports.

Our equipment includes:

Fully instrumented sport applications for baseball, golf, basketball, running, field and court sports with specialized 3D Biomechanics systems with kinetic (force plates) and kinematic pitching and hitting tunnel with Major League and research-grade force plates and motion capture systems that survey and analyze the athlete in batter’s box and on pitching mound. 

Our high performance lab can be used for:

  • General field athletes such as football players, soccer players, lacrosse players, etc., to evaluate jumping and cutting tasks. 
  • Instrumented treadmill with motion capture from Treadmetrix for gait and running analysis.
  • Baseball analysis with pitching and hitting tunnels equipped with Major League and research-grade force plates and motion capture systems that survey the batter’s box and pitching mound to evaluate and measure pitchers, hitters, and the ball.
  • Dedicated golf swing suite, which will be one of the most advanced in the country, allowing high-fidelity assessments of swing mechanics and forces to evaluate and analyze the body, club and ball
  • Instrumented basketball court with motion capture and force plates for assessment of all court-sport athletes (basketball players, volleyball players, etc.)

Our High Performance Services include:

  • High Performance Lab athlete testing and evaluation
  • Sports medicine and injury prevention
  • Performance training 
  • Sport and skill development
  • Recovery and regeneration
  • Return to performance
  • Sports nutrition and mental performance  

The High Performance Center is a Cash pay business as insurance is not accepted. It is open to the public, by appointment only and no referral is necessary.