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Wound Services at Banner - University Medical Center South

What does wound care do?

You know chronic or slow-healing wounds can cause additional problems and can sometimes threaten your life. Our specialists in the wound care program focus on those difficult wounds.

We use a coordinated care model. We assign a physician specialist and a case manager to you to ensure you receive the care and information you need to heal.

Our wound care specialists can treat a variety of problems, including:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous ulcers and vein disorders
  • Arterial ulcers and blood flow disorders
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Autoimmune and/or inflammatory wounds
  • Atypical or cancerous wounds
  • Infected wounds
  • Surgical or traumatic wounds
  • Abdominal fistulas
  • Chronic, non-healing wounds

What are my treatment options?

If you or a loved one need wound care services, you’ll find everything you need at our wound care center. Some treatment options and other services we offer include:

  • Management of swelling with specialized wraps and stockings to promote wound healing
  • Treatment with advanced wound care products
  • Total Contact Casts to take pressure off your foot wound
  • Management of medications used to treat your wound
  • Vascular and limb salvage

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