Urology Services at Banner - University Medical Center Tucson

Talking about bladder problems or sexual dysfunction can be difficult. But at Banner – University Medical Center Tucson, we focus on making you feel comfortable and on making you well.

Conditions we regularly see and treat include:

  • Kidney stones
  • Overactive bladders and incontinence
  • Pediatric urology issues
  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction

Arizona Pelvic Floor Center

Many pelvic-floor-related conditions occur together. At the Center, instead of having to visit separate locations for treatment, we can arrange for you to see multiple specialists in one place and often in one visit. Coordinated care also ensures that treatment for one condition does not interfere with treatment for another.

Kidney Stone Disease Program

We are a high-volume center for the treatment of kidney stone disease. Our program offers personalized prevention plans, treatments to aid in the spontaneous passage of stones and surgical intervention.

Pelvic Floor Therapy and Wellness Clinic

We offer specialty physical therapy and comprehensive interventions that address the pelvic muscle pain experienced with many conditions of the bowel and bladder. Our therapists emphasize evaluation and treatment of impairments, while utilizing lifestyle and behavior modification to optimize outcomes. 

Academic Medicine Difference

The partnership between Banner Health and the University of Arizona brings clinical care delivery, education and research to the forefront of the patient experience.