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707 N Alvernon Way 2nd Fl
Tucson, AZ 85711

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Patients and Visitors

Jeremy Chastain, MD

Anesthesiology, Telemedicine, Pain Management

Physician, Banner - University Medicine Whole Health Clinic
I try to take a holistic approach to patient care and look at the patient’s overall condition when developing a treatment plan. I am highly interventional as it relates to treatment, but I do help manage pain by using selective medications, physical and occupational therapy, psychological and behavioral therapy.

Michael Feldman, MD

Sports Medicine, Telemedicine, Orthopedic Surgery

Physician, Banner - University Medicine Orthopedics Clinic
My approach to health care is one of shared decision making. At each visit, I hope to educate in simple, understandable terms; provide various treatment options for your problem; and offer individualized recommendations. I use minimally, invasive state of the art techniques and to provide the best care possible in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere. I strive to be as timely and efficient as possible because your time is valuable but still answer all your questions. When you leave my office, my goal is that you understand your diagnosis, the options available, and feel comfortable making a treatment decision that best fits your needs.

Gregory DeSilva, MD

Hand Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery

Physician, Banner - University Medicine Multispecialty Services Clinic
I work hard to make myself available for patients. I really enjoy talking to patients and getting to know them. Every visit is based on good conversation and good listening from the doctor. My goal is for each visit to be an enjoyable and friendly visit to get excellent hand care. I want every patient to realize how much I care about them and their concerns.