About Our Quality Improvement Program

B – UFC/ACC Quality Improvement (QI) Program includes:

  • Support in analytics and resources
  • Multiple collaborative QI activities
  • Reporting relationships between the QI committee and the QI staff
  • Delegate QI activities
  • Collaborative QI activities
  • Monitoring and improving performance measures related to behavioral health
  • Physician designation within the QI program for participation and advising the QI committee
  • Outlines cultural and linguistic needs 

Goals of the Quality Improvement Program

  • Yearly planned Quality Initiative (QI) activities and objectives for improving quality and safety of clinical care, quality of service, and member experience
  • Performance Improvement Projects (PIP) designed to enhance the quality of care for our members
  • Time frame for each activity's completion
  • Staff members responsible for each activity
  • Monitoring of previously identified issues
  • Staff members responsible for QI activities
  • Annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the QI program through comparison of performance measure outcomes