What We Have Done in Recent Years

Community Reinvestments

  • Improving dental care in members with substance use disorders (SUD)
    • Helped improve SUD and dental in Yuma County
  • Homelessness
    • $500,000 to Home Matters

Pyx Health App

In 2018, we implemented the Pyx Health App or Pyx for our members. Since the beginning, B – UFC has been able to identify social determinants of health (SDOH). B – UFC has identified SDOH gaps and loneliness patterns in our members.

By identifying these gaps, B – UFC has helped our members with early interventions before problems escalate.

SDOH are those areas that are non-medical that may influence one’s healthcare. Examples of SDOH include income, education, unemployment, and housing.

Data reported by members who used Pyx:

  • 66% of Pyx users reported feeling more connected to their health care team.
  • 72% reported high satisfaction with the application. 
  • 53% of members reported avoiding higher levels of care just from speaking with a compassionate call center representative.
  • 36% of screened members have had a reduction in loneliness.
  • 43% have had a reduction in depression.
  • Combined 59% of members with a reduction in their UCLA-3 screening and in their PHQ screenings.

Care Management Program Expansion

  • Enhancing our Care Management Program to combine physical health and behavioral health needs.
  • Through shared efforts, we saw a 67% reduction in opioids being prescribed.