PCP & Specialists

Call our Customer Care Center and they can assist you with this- please be sure to call Customer care before seeking treatment so they can confirm the PCP you have been assigned.

Yes, you can. We recommend no more than five (5) times per year and never more than once in a month. This way everyone that has treated you is able to be paid for their services. We want you to find a doctor or provider that you can develop a relationship with and feel comfortable talking with about your health care needs. Remember: Always call our Customer Care Center first-- we can help you find a doctor/provider as well as confirm who you are already assigned to.
Yes, you should always see your PCP first, so they can determine the best treatment for you. If that includes seeing a specialist, they can arrange that for you and make the referral. Note: You do not need a referral to see an OB/GYN, a dentist, or behavioral health providers.
All PCP's have pre-established requirements regarding appointment availability. However, if you are not able to get an appointment within the time frame you need, we can call your provider for you and see if we can get you an appointment. If not, then you can schedule an appointment at a later date, or we can help you find a new PCP that can better serve your health needs.
All PCP's that have children assigned to their practice must participate in the vaccination for children's program. However, if a vaccine is needed, there are urgent care facilities that offer vaccinations, or we can assist you in finding a PCP that will provide vaccinations.
If your condition is not serious enough to go to the emergency room but you feel you need immediate attention you should go to an urgent care facility. Urgent care should treat your current issue, but you still need to visit your primary care provider for your general healthcare needs.