Support Groups

Mental health support groups may be a valuable resource. They are often peer-led. They can allow attendees to share their own experiences and help support one another. Sometimes, people who have had similar experiences can make all the difference. Support Groups are also a wonderful way to learn coping skills. Participants can also help with navigating the mental health system.  

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides two types of groups: 

  • Support for family members, friends and caregivers. 
  • Support for individuals dealing with mental health symptoms.

But NAMI does not just offer groups. They also offer:

  • Education classes
  • Trainings 
  • Community Resources
  • Help Lines

Please always confirm the accuracy of details before attending a group. These groups often rely on volunteers and locations and times also may change.

NAMI Family Support Groups

NAMI Connection (Peer Support) Groups

NAMI is not the sole provider of support groups in Arizona. Please see other options below.

Peer Support Groups

Family Support Groups