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Allergy & Immunology Diagnostic Testing

What Are My Allergy Treatment Options?

Our allergy specialists start to assess your condition with a full history of your allergy symptoms and a physical exam.

Depending on your symptoms, your Banner Health allergist may use any of these screenings to arrive at a clear, accurate diagnosis:

  • Bronchodilator reversibility testing – test that measures your lung function before and after taking a medication (bronchodilator) that relaxes your breathing muscles
  • Delayed skin patch testing – test that exposes your skin to a possible substance that causes an allergic reaction over a longer period of time to check for a reaction that may not happen right away
  • Food and medication challenges – test that exposes you to a possible food or medication you may be allergic to while you’re under close observation
  • Hypersensitivity skin testing – test that exposes your skin to several substances that cause an allergic reaction as we monitor and review your responses
  • In-office spirometry – test that measures airflow and lung capacity
  • Medication testing