What Should I Do for a Burn Victim?

Burn injuries are serious business, but you can make a difference to someone who has suffered an injury. These tips are provided to help you.

For All Burn Injuries

  • Provide CPR if necessary
  • Keep victim warm with sheets and blankets
  • Contact your physician or call 911

Know the 3 Types of Burns

There are three types of burns: thermal, chemical and electrical.

  • Thermal burns are caused by flame, steam, hot liquids or a hot surface.
  • Chemical burns may be caused by bleach or other household cleaning solutions.
  • Electrical burns are often caused by bad electrical plugs, faulty electrical wiring and lightning.

Thermal Burns

First, stop the burning process by either extinguishing the flames or get the person away from what is burning them.

  • Flame Burn
  1. Smother flames with a heavy blanket or use cool water
  2. Flush area with cool water
  3. Do not place butter or household agent on burns
  • Scald or steam burn
  1. Flush with cool water
  • Contact with hot surface
  1. Flush burn area with low-pressure running water
  2. Never put ice on a burn

Chemical Burns

First, stop the burning process.

  • Liquid Chemicals
  1. Use gloves, avoid contact with chemical
  2. Flush area with water continuously
  3. Remove clothing and jewelry
  4. Do not attempt to neutralize chemicals
  • Powdered Chemicals
  1. Brush off as much as possible prior to washing with water
  2. Remove clothing or jewelry
  • Chemical in the Eyes
  1. Flush eyes continuously with water
  2. Remove contacts
  3. Keep eye lids open while flushing with water

Electrical Burns

  • If the victim is still in contact with power
  1. Turn off the power at the circuit breaker before touching the person
  2. If power cannot be turned off, use a nonconductive item such as wood (broom, mop) to move the power source away from the person
  • Stop the Burning Process
  1. If clothing is on fire, put it out with water or a heavy blanket

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