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What Should I Do for a Burn Victim?

Burn injuries are serious business, but you can make a difference to someone who has suffered an injury. These tips are provided to help you.

For All Burn Injuries

  • Scene safety for anyone trying to rescue or treat a victim
  • STOP the burning process
  • Call 911 for help and provide CPR if necessary
  • Remove all jewelry, clothing and diapers 
  • Wrap in a warm blanket

Types of Burns

There are many types of burns: thermal, chemical, inhalation, electrical and frostbite.

  • Thermal burns are caused by flame, steam, hot liquids or a hot surface.
  • Chemical burns may be caused by acids or bases often found in household cleaning agents.
  • Inhalation burns are caused by super heated air or smoke and products of combustion.
  • Electrical burns are often caused by bad electrical plugs, faulty electrical wiring and lightning.
  • Frostbite burns are caused by freezing of tissues by environmental exposure.