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Brain Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention

While there is no direct cause for brain cancer, you can utilize preventive measures to reduce your risk for developing the disease. To discuss your risk factors and how you can prevent or earlier detect brain cancer, schedule an appointment with your doctor. At Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, we’re here to support you and your health. 

What Are the Risk Factors for Brain Cancer?

There are only a few known risk factors for people developing primary brain cancers:

  • Exposure to ionizing radiation. This includes the radiation used to treat cancer, develop medical imaging scans and that released by atomic bombs.
  • Family history of certain conditions. Those with a family history of neurofibromatosis type 1 and type 2, tuberous sclerosis, von Hippel-Lindau disease, and Li-Fraumeni syndrome area at greater risk for brain tumors.

How to Reduce your Risk for Brain Cancer

You can reduce your risk of developing a brain tumor by avoiding environmental hazards, such as smoking and excessive exposure to radiation.

It’s important to understand your risk factors to maintain good health. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the risk factors that concern you and preventive steps you can take to lower your risk. Banner MD Anderson is here to support you.. 

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