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Head and Neck Reconstructive Program

At Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, we recognize that treatment of head and neck cancer can raise questions about the impact to functionality and appearance, and we’re here for you. The Head and Neck Reconstructive Program brings cutting-edge research and technologies to provide a seamless, multidisciplinary care model for restoring those who have functional deficits or an abnormal appearance resulting from head and neck cancer treatment

What Conditions Does the Head and Neck Reconstructive Program Treat?

The Head and Neck Reconstructive Program treats those with a functional disability or physical disfigurement caused by head and neck cancer treatment. This includes the functional and physical impacts of surgery and radiation treatment for all regions of the head and neck, including the scalp, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, oral cavity, esophagus, lower jaws and structures in the neck.

What Types of Procedures and Surgeries Are Included In the Head and Neck Reconstructive Program?

Both outpatient and inpatient surgeries involving tissue rearrangement, tissue transfer, tissue replacement and reconstructive microsurgery are performed through the Head and Neck Reconstructive Program. Banner MD Anderson’s experienced cancer care specialists will choose the right surgery based on your individual needs.  

What Does Recovery Look Like?

Recovery from head and neck reconstruction surgery depends on the complexity of your reconstruction. Outpatient procedures require a short time to recover, with minimal changes to your daily routine. In-patient procedures generally require a longer hospital stay, followed by speech and swallowing rehabilitation. 

Who Makes Up the Disciplinary Team?

The multidisciplinary team for the Head and Neck Reconstructive Program includes accomplished specialists in plastic surgery, otolaryngology head and neck surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and speech and swallowing rehabilitation specialists with expertise in cancer. 

If you are concerned about your appearance or functionality from a previous head and neck cancer treatment and would like to understand your options for restoration with head and neck reconstructive surgery, make an appointment with your oncology team today.   

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