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Sarcoma Symptoms and Types

The team at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center are experts committed to providing you with the most advanced treatments for sarcoma. We have the ability to diagnose the specific type of sarcoma cancer and develop a treatment plan customized to meet your individual needs. 

What are the Symptoms of Sarcoma?

Sarcoma begins with a malignant tumor in the tissues of the body. Signs and symptoms vary from person to person dependent on the location of the tumor.  

Symptoms of sarcoma include:

  • A noticeable lump or swelling
  • Pain, if the tumor presses against nerves or muscles

If you’re experiencing any of the following, make an appointment with your Banner MD Anderson doctor immediately:

  • A lump of any size that is deep within a muscle
  • A lump that increases in size and becomes painful
  • Recurrence of a lump that has been previously removed
  • Blood in your stool or vomit
  • Black, tarry stools (this may mean there is internal bleeding)

What Are the Different Types Sarcoma?

There are two main types of sarcoma: soft tissue and bone sarcoma. These two types then branch off into several subcategories of sarcoma. There are over 70 different types of sarcoma.

The most common types of soft tissue sarcoma in adults are:

  • Angiosarcoma is typically found in the blood and lymph vessels.
  • Epithelioid sarcoma is usually found in the tissue under the skin.
  • Dermatofibrosarcoma appears as small nodules in the hands and feet of young adults.
  • Kaposi sarcoma is cancer of the lymph system or blood vessels.
  • Leiomyosarcoma is uncommon but grows within smooth muscle cells.
  • Gastrointestinal sarcoma is typically found in the walls of the digestive system.
  • Neurofibrosarcoma develops in the peripheral nerves.
  • Liposarcoma forms in the fatty tissue of the body.
  • Synovial sarcoma tumors are most commonly formed in the areas around large joints.
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma develops in the soft tissues of the body. This type of sarcoma is aggressive and sometimes hard to treat if it develops in hard to reach areas of the body.
  • Malignant fibrous histiocytoma most commonly forms in the fibrous tissue of the legs but can form in the abdomen.

The most common types of bone sarcoma include:

  • Erwing Sarcoma is a type of bone sarcoma where tumors form in the soft tissue but are categorized as tumors that form outside of the bone (extraosseous).
  • Osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer. This tumor’s cancerous cells produce bone and typically begins in the bones of the arms or legs.
  • Chondrosarcoma is the second most common type of bone cancer found in the cells that produce cartilage.

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