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Thyroid Cancer Treatment and Support

How Is Thyroid Cancer Treated?

The world-renowned team at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center will determine the best individualized treatment options for you after your thyroid cancer diagnosis.  

Thyroid Cancer Surgery

Removing the thyroid gland is the most common way to treat thyroid cancer and is often the most successful. When undergoing thyroid cancer surgery, you can expect the surgeon to remove the thyroid to ensure the cancer is completely removed. 

Radiation Therapy for Thyroid Cancer

Radiation therapy utilizes high-energy beams to slow the growth of the cancer cells. This procedure is usually prescribed multiple times over the course of a few weeks. Your doctor may recommend radiation therapy for thyroid cancer after surgery to ensure that the cancer does not reoccur. 

Clinical Trials for Thyroid Cancer

Because Banner MD Anderson is one of the nation’s foremost cancer centers, we offer a number of clinical trials of innovative new therapies. To learn more about the latest clinical trials talk with your doctor.

What Are the Side Effects of Thyroid Cancer Treatment?

Thyroid cancer treatment side effects can vary based on the treatments you received. After your doctor has prescribed a thyroid cancer treatment, discuss how that treatment may affect you and what side effects may occur. 

Thyroid Cancer Treatment Support

Receiving a diagnosis for thyroid cancer can be unsettling. Consider these support options when thinking about next steps in your cancer journey. 

Consider a Thyroid Cancer Support Group

Ask your doctor about cancer support groups to talk with other cancer patients and survivors. Connecting with other patients is a good way to ask any questions or concerns you have around thyroid cancer. 

Learn about Thyroid Cancer in Depth

Ensure you understand your diagnosis and treatment options for thyroid cancer. Learn about all your options and information to make informed decisions. Discuss with your doctor any questions or concerns you have. 

The team at Banner MD Anderson is here to help. Trust the experts to help during your thyroid cancer journey. 

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