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As part of the cancer treatment programs offered by Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, patients have the option of receiving an integrative oncology consult to determine whether integrative oncology therapies would be beneficial to them. The integrative oncology program is made possible by a generous gift from the James M. Cox Foundation.

What Is an Integrative Oncology Consultation?

An integrative oncology consultant will walk a patient through a variety of integrative choices that are currently available to help reduce the side effects of treatment or lower the risk of a recurrence.

The integrative oncology consult may include assessments of:

  • Supplements and complementary therapy interventions
  • Diet/nutrition 
  • Physical activity/exercise 
  • Mind/body (stress management)
  • Individual, group and/or caregiver support

Who Can Benefit From an Integrative Oncology Consult?

An appointment with an integrative oncology consultant can be beneficial for individuals at risk of developing cancer, patients currently getting cancer treatment and cancer survivors.

How Does Integrative Oncology Help?

Our integrative oncology team uses a variety of evidence-based techniques to help you manage possible side effects. Some of the recommended techniques may include:

  • Acupuncture for pain, nausea, fatigue or neuropathy
  • Meditation and breathwork consults for relaxation and stress reduction
  • Diet/nutrition plan
  • Physical activity guidance
  • Natural supplements

Prevention Consults

Consults for people at risk for cancer provide an opportunity to review personal cancer risks and prevention strategies. An integrative oncology consultant may:

  • Review your specific risk factors
  • Offer screening and prevention recommendations
  • Share research programs/protocols that are available for high-risk individuals based on genetic assessment or risk modeling
  • Focus on prevention with attention to potential side effects of preventive therapy