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Puberty Concerns

Puberty is an exciting and bumpy ride for kids. While everything that happens during puberty is completely normal and natural, your child may have some concerns about their changing bodies. No matter how big or small, Banner Children’s is here to help you navigate all of child’s puberty concerns.

Puberty Concerns for Girls

Some common concerns girls may have about their changing bodies include:

Breast Development

Girls may experience some anxieties about breast development and become self-conscious about their bodies, especially when it comes to breasts growing at different rates. Make sure your daughter knows that it’s normal for breast sizes to differ and they’re rarely symmetrical. Try to help your daughter feel as comfortable as possible with this change.

First Period

One of the biggest changes your daughter will experience during puberty is her new menstrual cycle. One of the best things parents can do is to prepare your daughter for this new experience. Some topics around menstruation that your daughter should know include:

  • The biology of menstruation and how it’s completely normal
  • The type of fluid that will be secreted both before and during their period
  • Irregularities with her period as her body adjusts to this change
  • Other symptoms she may experience along with her period, such as cramps and PMS
  • Tips to reduce menstrual cramps, such as exercising, medication or using a heating pad
  • Hygiene related to menstrual cycles, including how often to change pads or tampons and that tampons should not be worn overnight
  • Assurance that they can still participate in all activities while they’re on their period

Puberty Concerns for Boys

Boys may have questions about the following changes they’ll see in their bodies during puberty:

Voice Changes

As their voice box enlarges and vocal cords grow their voice may crack as they speak. Explain to your son that this is completely normal and will go away as he goes through puberty.

Wet Dreams

During puberty, your son may wake up to find sticky damp areas in his pajama pants and sheets. Explain that these are called “wet dreams” and are not caused by urination, but rather by ejaculation that occurs during sleep. Reassure your son that these are completely normal and do not mean that he was having a sexual dream – they’re just a part of growing up.

Involuntary Erections

Boys will experience involuntary erections spontaneously during puberty without any touching or sexual thoughts. These erections can be unexpected and embarrassing, especially if they happen in public. Let your son know that these are normal signs of their body maturing and they happen to all boys during puberty. They will become less frequent as time goes on.

If your child has any additional puberty concerns that you’re not sure how to address, lean on the knowledgeable staff at Banner Children’s to get you this information.