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Banner Health's Run Safe Program

Our Run Safe program was created to help runners like you prevent injury and improve performance by identifying certain movement patterns that put you at risk. The Run Safe program includes standardized exercise programs, equipment and instructions provided via the Run Safe app.

What Is Run Safe?

Run Safe is a medically-based program for athletic success. Run Safe helps participants build strength, endurance and confidence to prevent non-contact injuries when running or playing a sport.

Who Can Benefit from Run Safe?

Anyone who runs or plays a sport can benefit from the Banner Run Safe program. As the Run Safe program can be rigorous, non-injured runners who meet the following criteria can benefit:

  • Runners who have more than 70 percent symmetrical quad strength
  • Runners who have been cleared for plyometric activity
  • Runners who are more than 12 weeks post-op
  • Runners who have less than one plus effusion with stroke test
  • Runners who have full, pain-free knee range of motion

If you’ve been injured recently or are not sure if you meet the criteria, talk to your doctor or physical therapist to see if the Run Safe program is right for you.

What Is Run Safe Used For?

Research shows that the majority of running injuries are non-contact related. Run Safe helps educate people who want to prevent running injuries and improve performance with an effective training program and equipment kit. 

What to Expect from the Banner Run Safe Program

The Run Safe program is designed to address the complex problem of running injuries to keep you on track with your running routine. We focus on agility training, building strength, conditioning and improving performance. The Run Safe program includes:

  • Standardized pre- and post-run exercise routines
  • Dynamic stretches 
  • Standardized, sequenced exercises to optimize training
  • Equipment, including bands, padded cuffs, stability trainer, and Biofreeze
  • Access to instructional videos via the free Run Safe app

Banner Physical Therapy’s expert staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about the Run Safe program. To get started with the Run Safe program, contact us today.

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