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Cancer Rehabilitation

Some cancer treatments can result in functional deficits which can affect a patient’s quality of life. At Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, our cancer rehabilitation team is dedicated to helping each patient adjust to life during and after cancer treatment.

What Is Cancer Rehabilitation?

Cancer rehabilitation, sometimes referred to as oncology rehabilitation, helps patients with cancer build up their emotional and physical well-being. Cancer rehabilitation at Banner MD Anderson is available before, during and after cancer treatment.

Who Can Benefit from Cancer Rehabilitation?

Banner's oncology rehabilitation programs can benefit all cancer patients who experience a change in quality of life after diagnosis.

What is Cancer Rehabilitation Used For?

Cancer rehabilitation can be used to treat a variety of cancer-related ailments. Everyone’s cancer journey is different. We help develop a plan for each patient that takes into consideration their goals, preferences and strengths.

What Can I Expect from Cancer Rehabilitation?

Before cancer rehabilitation or oncologic physical therapy, you will need an assessment performed by your Banner Health occupational therapist. This assessment will test each patient’s ability to perform basic functions, such as walking, lifting or squatting. Depending on your diagnosis and this assessment, your occupational therapist will create an individualized plan for your rehabilitation.

During your cancer rehabilitation sessions, we recommend dressing in comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. Everyone’s sessions will vary in length and difficulty depending on their plan. Banner MD Anderson offers the following cancer rehabilitation treatments.

  • Lymphedema rehabilitation treatment
  • Physical therapy for cancer rehabilitation
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Cognition therapy
  • Laryngectomy rehabilitation
  • Speech/articulation therapy
  • Swallowing therapy
  • Voice therapy

Once your cancer rehabilitation treatment is over, your occupational therapist will discuss the steps or small changes you can take at home to continue improving your physical and mental health.

Banner MD Anderson’s cancer rehabilitation program can help patients maintain and restore both their emotional and physical well-being. For more information about our cancer rehabilitation program, talk to your doctor.

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