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Arizona Brown Spiders


The Arizona Brown Spider is a small, inconspicuous brown spider, with slightly darker brown markings on the head region. These markings vaguely resemble the shape of a violin, hence the common names "violin" or "fiddle" spider. The species native to Arizona is closely related to the infamous brown recluse of the midwestern U.S., but the markings are less obvious and symptoms are not as severe.

Bite Symptoms

The bite of this spider is potentially dangerous to humans. The most common reaction is a spreading sore at the site of the bite, which, if untreated, may result in permanent tissue damage or necrosis.


Wash area with soap and water. Call the poison center immediately at (800) 222-1222 to determine whether the bite can be cared for at home or will require treatment by a physician and/or hospitalization.


Remove trash or debris (woodpiles, boxes, tires, etc.) stored around the home. Seal openings in the home that could be entry points. Regular pest control service plan is recommended.


There are many labeled pesticides for spider control. Some are labeled for homeowner use, while others are labeled only for the licensed, certified pesticide applicator. 

If you have questions, please call us directly at (602) 253-3334 or call (800) 222-1222 for your local poison center.