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Artificial Heart Transplant

When it comes to artificial heart transplant options, Banner Health provides patients with the latest in heart care technology and state-of-the-art surgical services. Learn more about artificial heart transplants and mechanical circulatory support device options.

What is an Artificial Heart Transplant?

An artificial heart is a device used to replace the lower chamber of the heart. This device helps circulate blood in the body for patients with advanced heart failure. Some patients receive these devices while waiting for a heart transplant from a donor, but many receive them as a stand-alone therapy.

Types of Artificial Heart Transplant

If your heart failure is not improving despite treatment, there are implantable mechanical circulatory support device options to help keep your heart pumping.

Ventricular Assist Devices

Often called heart pumps, ventricular assist devices (VADs) replace only one heart chamber, instead of the entire organ, and pump blood from the main pumping chamber of your heart through the body. Ventricular assist devices can be placed in the left or right ventricular, but are most commonly used in the left. These types are referred to as left ventricular assist devices (LVAD).

This device can be used as an option for patients who are waiting for a donor heart, when a patient is not eligible due to age or the condition of the heart, or if the heart failure is temporary. VADs are designed to last anywhere from a year to two years on average.

Total Artificial Heart

When multiple chambers of the heart muscle are failing or diseased, your doctor may recommend replacing the entire heart with a pump, called a total artificial heart. Total artificial hearts can be used while a patient waits for a heart donor, or as a long-term solution. On average, a total artificial heart lasts about five years.

Benefits of Artificial Heart Transplants

Artificial heart transplants are beneficial to keep a patient’s heart beating and bridge the patient to transplant. The ventricular assist devices and artificial heart transplants have some key benefits, including:

  • The implants or devices are made from material that the body typically does not reject
  • The devices are ready to use, unlike a donor heart where there is a waitlist
  • They can provide a better quality of life for heart failure patients

Banner Health Technology and Innovation

Banner Health stays at the forefront of innovation and technology to ensure heart patients are receiving the latest and highest level of care.

Our program is continuing its research on the latest generation of total artificial heart devices, including BiVACOR and CARMAT. Banner Health prides itself on being one of only seven programs in the U.S. in the CARMAT trial for a new total artificial heart.