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Serenity Garden

A hospital stay often creates anxiety both for the patient and their loved ones. Banner Casa Grande Medical Center recognizes and understands this fact. In addition to providing the best quality health care and treatment possible, Banner Casa Grande wants to provide a place where people can escape from their worries, if only for a short time. In response to this need, the Foundation has created a beautiful Serenity Garden where patients, family members and other visitors can go to find tranquility during difficult times.

The Garden

The Serenity Garden is located directly north of the main hospital entrance, between the original hospital building and the North Tower addition.

The focal point of the Garden is a large, soothing fountain. Gentle landscaping allows guests to take pleasure in the garden by wandering through the Pathway to the Future, where one can reflect on the special people who have been honored or memorialized through personal donations. Visitors may also rest on one of the numerous benches, or enjoy the shade provided by one of the Garden’s gazebos.

We hope that guests to the tranquil environment of the Serenity Garden will be able to relax and find peace of mind.

Pathway to the Future

The Pathway to the Future is a brick walkway that winds through the Serenity Garden. The Pathway is lined with bricks that can be purchased to honor the memory of a loved one, pay tribute to a special person in your life, or carry your name into the future. Each brick can be purchased and personalized for $100. What a great way to permanently recognize a loved one or special friend! You may place an order by filling out this order form.


A tree located in the Serenity Garden may be named for a special loved one or friend with a contribution of $250. A permanent recognition plaque will be placed in front of the tree.


Large, attractive planters will line the sidewalk bordering the Serenity Garden. A gift of $250 will recognize a loved one with an inscribed plaque on the planter.

Garden Benches

Those wishing to honor or memorialize a loved one or special friend in a more prominent way may choose to name a bench or benches located in the Garden. Each bench may be purchased for $500 and will be recognized with a personalized, permanent, brass name plate.

Flower Gardens

There are two beautiful Flower Gardens within the Serenity Garden. A flower garden can be named for a special loved one or friend with a contribution of $1,000. Your gift will be recognized with the placement of a plaque in a prominent spot in the flower garden.


Two beautiful gazebos are located in the Serenity Garden and provide a lovely, shaded seating area for visitors. A gazebo can be named for a loved one or special friend for a gift of $5,000. This is a way to honor or memorialize a special person. Your designated honoree will be recognized on a large, brass plaque that will be affixed in the gazebo.

Major Contributors

Serenity Fountain - John and Nancy McEvoy
Desert Landscaping - The Verna Cooper Trust
Serenity Landscape Pots - J. Warren Funeral Services
Serenity Gazebo - J. Marty Dernier in loving memory of his mother Jeane E. Dernier.

The Casa Grande Community Hospital Foundation thanks these donors for their generous contribution to the Serenity Garden.

How Can I Get Involved?

The Casa Grande Community Hospital Foundation is taking the garden concept a step further by creating naming/legacy opportunities within the Serenity Garden. The naming opportunities are a special way for you to participate in creating the best possible healthcare system for our community while honoring or memorializing a loved one or by creating your own legacy. The proceeds derived from your participation will fund programs and services that promote healing, prevent illness and relieve suffering.

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