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Our Referral Program

Banner believes in building a high-performing team that is distinct, dedicated, and diverse - where various cultures, experiences and innovation creates an inclusive workplace and achieves organizational success. Talent knows talent, and you can make this difference by referring those remarkable people in your network through our Employee Referral Program (ERP). All team members are eligible to take part, but rewards vary based on the position filled and new employee’s status.

Refer a Physician or an Advanced Practice Provider and earn up to $5,000.

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Physician and Advanced Practice Provider ERP Rules

  1. This program is utilized by a Facility/BMG/BUMG/BUCS for Physician/ APP referrals.
  2. The Physician/ APP Reward Program runs continuously unless terminated or revised at the discretion of Facility/BMG/B—UMG/BUCS senior leadership.  Revisions or termination of the program will not affect the Reward eligibility for those previously entered in the program.
  3. Positions eligible for the Physician Rewards include all Full Time/ Part-Time Physician positions with the exception of the non-clinical facility-based MDCC role, Residents, and Fellows.   
  4. Positions eligible for the APP Reward, include all Full Time/ Part Time APP positions, filled with a candidate who has at least one year of experience as an APP.   
  5. $5,000 will be paid to employees who refer a Physician.  The following roles are not eligible:
    • Non-Clinical facility based MCCD
    • Residents/Fellows
  6. $1,000 will be paid to employees who refer an Advanced Practice Provider with at least 1 year of experience.  Eligible Advanced Practice Provider Positions include:
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Physician Assistant
    • CRNA
    • Midwife
    • Psychologist
  7. Occasionally, BMG/BUMG/BUCS leadership may determine certain Physician/ APP positions to be Hard to Fill and assign   a higher referral payout amount. These HTF positions will be posted on the ERP website.
  8. The referral Reward is paid in 2 equal payments:
    • Once the newly hired Physician/ APP has completed 16 hours of work and the creation date indicates eligible status, ½ of the Reward is processed for payment.
    • Once the newly hired Physician/ APP has completed 6 months of employment at BH, the second ½ of the referral Reward is processed for payment.
    • All Rewards are charged to the cost center of the hiring entity.
  9. Reward payments will be paid in regular payroll checks.
  10. Rewards are subject to Federal, State and FICA taxes, but are not eligible for inclusion in the 401(k) plans.
  11. There is no limit to the number of candidates a Banner Health (BH) employee may refer.  Only candidates who are currently not employed by BH can be referred.  Current BH employees transferring into a new position are not eligible.  Current Banner Residents (UA, B—UMCP) do not count as a referral.
  12. The referral must be for a 1:1 recruitment and does not include merger and acquisition referrals.
  13. Referrals cannot be made for a candidate that comes through a third party who is supporting the recruitment effort.
  14. The referring employee must be in an active status at the time he/she refers the candidate and at the time the reward is paid.
  15. Candidates who have previously worked for BH can be referred by current employees.  However, the candidate cannot have worked for BH in the last year (365 days).
  16. The referral candidate must note the referring employee’s name on the referral form, provided during the pre-boarding appointment, as outlined in the referral program process.
  17. University of Arizona physicians may refer candidates and are included in award eligibility under the Physician/ APP Reward program.
  18. The following individuals may refer candidates, but are excluded from award eligibility under the Physician/ APP Reward Program:
    • Physician Recruitment Team
    • Referrals for existing Banner Residents and Fellows
    • Spousal referrals
    • Leader who is responsible, or has influence, for the hiring decision related to the candidate is not eligible for a referral of that candidate

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