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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Referral Program
Simply click on one of the referral links to start your referral:

Eligible employees who refer a candidate who is hired by Banner could win a luxury vacation.

  • Once your candidate is hired into a full-time or part-time position, you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a luxury vacation valued at $8,000. (Prizes are subject to federal, state and FICA taxes.)
  • Participants, both referring employee and newly hired employee must be in an active status at the time of referral and award redemption.
  • Winners would not receive the reward until after the hired candidate has been employed by Banner for six months.
  • There is no limit to the number of candidates you refer, but each candidate can only be referred once by each employee.
  • For more complete information regarding specific details of the ERP Vacation Getaway and the Provider ERP programs, please see the ERP Policy (#15409) and Procedure located on the P&P database.

All employees are eligible for the Luxury Getaway ERP as long as they are in an active employment status.

All employees are eligible to receive rewards for the referral of an eligible provider with the exception of:

  • Physician Recruitment Team
  • Referral for our existing Banner Residents and Fellows
  • Spousal referrals
  • Leader who is responsible, or has influence, for the hiring decision related to the candidate is not eligible for a referral of that candidate.

All full-time and part-time Banner Health positions are eligible for referral. Designated hard-to-fill physician and advanced practice provider positions may be eligible for reward under the Provider Referral Program. All Physician/App Referrals must be made prior to hire date. Refer to the Provider ERP Rules for current designated positions.

PLEASE NOTE: If the referral is eligible for reward under both the Luxury Getaway ERP and the Physician Referral Program, the employee would only be eligible for one reward.

Winners will be drawn on the fourth Monday of each month for candidates hired the previous month. The reward will not be dispersed until after the referred and hired candidate has been employed for six months and is in active status.

Example: Mary refers Tom who is hired for a pharmacy tech position in February 2016. She would be eligible for the monthly ERP drawing on the fourth Monday in March 2016. If Mary is selected as a winner during the March 2016 monthly drawing, she would not receive her reward until August when Tom has been employed for six months.

Employees, who are selected during the monthly ERP drawings can choose any vacation destination. The reward will be paid out on the Employee’s paycheck.  (Prizes are subject to federal, state and FICA taxes.) The employee would be responsible for all payments associated with the vacation. The employee can use Banner's travel agency Peak Travel to book the trip if they choose to do so.

Yes. You can travel however you’d like, whether for airfare, hotel or car rental.

Yes, you are eligible for subsequent monthly drawings as long as you refer additional candidates who are hired by Banner.

As long as your referral was submitted through the Employee Referral Portal, this information is automatically recorded and your name added to the monthly drawing.

Unfortunately, the selection process for the monthly drawing is electronic and does not allow for manual entries.

In addition, All Physician/App Referrals must be made prior to hire date.