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Education Opportunities

Congratulations and welcome to Banner Staffing Services and to the beginning of your journey with Banner Health.

As you get ready for Team Member Experience, and possibly Simulation Training (depending on your position), we have gathered training materials and study guides to review or download to help prepare you.

Materials are in an Adobe PDF format. If you are having difficulties accessing the links below, we have included a guide to assist you.

ECG Study Guides & Practice Test

ECG -ECG testing is conducted on the first day of orientation. Please make sure that you review the ECG Material. Depending on your area of Clinical expertise, we have the following study guide for your review:

If you fail to identify any of the following rhythms, you will automatically fail the exam, even if your test score is above the passing score. Please be prepared to take the exam. 

  • Ventricular tachycardia
  • Ventricular fibrillation
  • Asystole
  • Torsade de pointes

If you correctly identify those four rhythms and achieve an overall score of at least 85 percent, you have passed the exam.

There is also a Practice ECG Test with answer key for your review. We encourage you to practice the test so you are prepared to take the exam.

Fetal Monitoring - Testing is conducted on the first day of orientation. Please make sure that you review the Fetal Monitoring material. We have the following study guides for your review.

L&D - Blue Fetal Monitoring Roles Flyer & PINK Fetal Monitoring Roles Flyer

Simulation Lab

The simulation experience consists of skill testing and scenarios. It is an innovative and effective way of preparing BSS staff for working in either the Registry or Travel capacities. Learn more about our Simulation Education program.

 Clinical Education Team

We have a dedicated clinical education team that is here to help you during your professional journey at Banner Staffing Services.