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The Banner Simulation System is one of the country's largest simulation education programs to train physicians, nurses, allied health providers and emergency responders. We use mannequins, simulators and virtual-reality programs to offer the next generation of learning.

With a hospital full of virtual-reality "patients,'' Banner employees, medical students and other health professionals can learn and perfect their medical techniques before they care for real patients in our facilities.

At the heart of our simulation education program is the 55,000-square-foot Banner Simulation Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona, the nation’s largest virtual hospital and one of the biggest centers of its kind in the world. It is complemented by other Banner Simulation sites in Arizona and Colorado, as well as a mobile training program that serves hospitals throughout the Western Region.


Banner Simulation Education's vision is to "transform health care delivery through simulation, learning and research.''

We are fulfilling that vision with our extensive program available in seven states that has already trained thousands of health care providers and that is expanding rapidly.

Our program includes:

Through simulation education, Banner Health provides one-of-a-kind training opportunities at our facilities. We are a national leader in education and support for employees and health care providers.

In designing our simulation education network, Banner studied how the aviation industry used simulation to achieve an outstanding safety rate. Banner is now seeing similar results. Our simulation education has decreased the time needed for new nurses to get oriented to Banner facilities and policies; increased our retention rate of new nurses, which ultimately reduces errors in patient care.

The Banner Simulation System also has as extensive medical research program leading the field of simulation learning into the future.

Banner Health’s Simulation Education program has been accredited by the American College of Surgeons – becoming the first program that it has accredited across an entire health care system.

There are 62 accredited simulation programs around the world and Banner Health is one of the few that is non-academic and non-university supported.

Banner Health's systemwide Simulation Education program is also accredited by The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). It is one of only three organizations worldwide to be accredited in five all areas: core, assessment, research, teaching and system integration.


Banner Simulation Education uses a wide array of equipment to provide the most realistic hands-on education possible.

We offer extensive equipment: