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Bone Spurs: What to Know About This Confusing and Tricky Condition
If you’ve ever had an X-ray, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a bone spur. They are bony growths that develop at the spot where a tendon attaches to a...
Oct 03
Lower Back Pain: Could My Active Child Have Spondylolysis?
Lower back pain is the most common health problem among older adults. While this is a sad but true state of affairs for us adults, what about lower back...
Sep 22
Those Aches in Your Hands Could Be Arthritis. Here’s What Can Help
Maybe one day you wake up with an ache in your fingers or at the base of your thumb. Or you feel a stab of pain when you pick up a dinner plate, cut your...
Sep 20
5 Ways Your High Heels Can Harm Your Feet and Body
High heels have been around for centuries. It’s believed high-heeled shoes were first worn in the 10th century by Persian military to keep their shoes...
Sep 17
Take These 4 Steps Before You Undergo Elective Surgery
When you are dealing with health problems, there are times when surgery is your only option. For example, your appendix might rupture and need to be removed,...
Sep 12
Why You Shouldn’t Confuse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Spinal Cord Compression
If you notice weakness, pain, numbness or tingling in your hands or fingers, or trouble with your dexterity, you might think you have carpal tunnel syndrome....
Sep 09
How to Reduce Your Risk of Blood Clots After Orthopedic Surgery
There are many reasons you may need a joint replacement or orthopedic surgery. Your arthritis may have reached the point that you can’t walk your dog as...
Aug 24
Here’s What to Do When You Get a Stiff Neck
You probably know the feeling. You wake up in an uncomfortable position, spend a long time driving or sit in front of your computer for too long, and you...
Jul 09
When Your Doctor Might Want You to Have a Fluoroscopy Exam
X-rays are the workhorses of imaging inside your body. They’ve been a routine tool to help diagnose medical problems for nearly 100 years, and they’re...
Jun 08
These Steps Can Help You Get Home Sooner After Joint Replacement
If you need joint replacement surgery, you probably would like to get home as soon as possible afterward. That way, you can sleep in your own bed and recover...
May 29