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Need Help Walking? Here’s How to Choose the Right Walker
If you’re having trouble walking, using a walker may help keep you safe and improve your mobility. But it can be hard to decide if you need a walker. And...
May 06
Does Your Elbow Injury Mean You Need Tommy John Surgery?
If you’re even a casual baseball fan, you’ve probably heard of Tommy John surgery. It’s a procedure that repairs the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in...
May 03
Tailor’s Bunion: The Hard Bump on Your Pinky Toe
Most of us are familiar with bunions, the bony growths on the outside of the feet near the big toe. But did you know you can get bunionettes too? While...
Apr 18
Bad Posture Can Harm Your Health. Here’s How You Can Correct It
Whether you’re sitting, standing or walking, your body will feel better if you use good posture. “Good posture places less stress and strain on your joints...
Apr 11
How Hands-On Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment Could Improve Your Health
If you are suffering from musculoskeletal injuries, experiencing pain, or need to improve your flexibility or reduce inflammation, you may have considered...
Apr 08
Qué debe saber sobre la artritis
Cuando piensa en la artritis, probablemente se le venga a la mente una persona mayor con dolor en los dedos. Es posible que haya oído que sonarse los dedos...
Mar 28 2
How Hydrotherapy Can Ease Your Pain and Speed Healing After Injuries
Hydrotherapy is form of physical therapy that’s performed in water. It is an excellent way for you to gain the benefits of exercise without putting a lot...
Mar 16
Dislocated Shoulder? Why You Shouldn’t Pop It Back into Place
Pop! It’s the sound you hear just before someone makes a toast. It can be a startling noise if you’re holding a balloon. But if you hear “pop” and it’s...
Mar 11
What’s Different About Bone Fractures When You Get Older
In the U.S., 250,000 to 500,000 women break a hip or spinal bone every year—90% of the time due to a fall. One in four men and one in two women over age...
Feb 15
The Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Athlete’s Foot
Our poor feet. They carry our weight, they keep us upright, they give clues about our overall health. But they’re often neglected. (If only they weren’t...
Feb 02