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Is It Dangerous To Crack Your Knuckles?
While some find it satisfying to crack their knuckles, others might be disgusted by the noise of a joint being popped. We sat down with Giles Becker, MD,...
Feb 08
Avoiding Overuse Injuries In Sports And Exercise
Does your child have an intense game and practice schedule? Do you have a robust workout routine? If so, you or your child may be at risk for injuries...
Feb 02
How to Avoid Painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Frequent tingling in your hand; feeling like your fingers are swollen; waking up with the feeling that you need to shake out your hands. These are all...
Jan 29
How To Avoid Strains And Sprains
Sprains and strains are common in sports. Professional athletes experience them and so do amateur athletes and youth sports players. But, with the right...
Jan 24
Is It Time For A Knee Replacement?
Will you be having one of the most common elective surgeries in the coming new year? Knee replacements, along with hip replacements, are the most common...
Jan 08
Degloving: A Reason to Take Off Your Wedding Ring
You may never have heard of ring avulsions or “degloving” before it happened to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. FYI: Don’t Google it! A ring avulsion occurs...
Dec 13
Restoring Neck Mobility With M6-C Implant
A new implant recently approved by the FDA provides a noninvasive alternative to disc fusions, which allows patients to eliminate what's typically excruciating...
Nov 18
Consejos y trucos para viajar con un hueso roto
Hace 6 meses que reservó un viaje a México con sus amigos; el pasaporte está listo, y unas pocas semanas antes de despegar, acaba tropezando y rompiéndose...
Oct 28
Osteoporosis: ¿Qué Es Y Cómo Te Afecta?
Tu esqueleto juega un papel importante en tu cuerpo. Nuestros huesos protegen nuestros órganos y proporcionan la estructura y el apoyo que necesitamos...
May 22 1
Cómo proteger sus pies de los horrores de los tacones altos
Tacones altos. Para muchas mujeres, sentirse arregladas y profesionales es una necesidad de moda. Desafortunadamente, esas mismas mujeres pueden notar...
Apr 29