Brain and Skull Tumor Removal Surgery

With a full neurological team, Banner Health is ready to help you get back to normal life. Trust the professionals to safely remove your tumor and support your recovery after surgery. 

What Is Brain and Skull Base Tumor Surgery?

Brain or skull tumor surgery is surgery to remove a tumor located in the brain or the base of the skull. 

Types of Tumor Removal Surgeries

Discuss your options with your doctor when it comes to the types of tumor removal surgeries. Some options may include:

Craniotomy: To perform a craniotomy, your neurosurgeon will make an incision in the scalp to reach the tumor. If possible, your surgeon will perform a minimally invasive approach to decrease healing and craniotomy recovery time.

Endonasal endoscopy: This minimally invasive surgery is performed through the nostrils. It is commonly used for tumors on the base of the skull, such as pituitary tumors. This surgery uses an endoscope to see the tumor. 

Neuroendoscopy: Neuroendoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure, is done through the ventricles to remove a tumor in the fluid-spaces of the brain. This procedure involves a small incision and bone removal, and usually has faster recovery time.  It can also be used as an adjunct to craniotomies.

Talk to your doctor and neurosurgeon to discuss the best brain and skull tumor removal surgery for you. 

What to Expect During Surgery

The type of tumor you are having removed will determine what to expect during your brain or skull tumor removal. Ask your doctor and neurosurgeon about the expectation for your type of surgery and tumor. 

Recovery After Brain and Skull Tumor Removal Surgery

After surgery, the neurological team at Banner Health is here to help you fully recover. Expect initial brain and skull tumor recovery to take a few days to a full week of observation in the hospital depending on your type of surgery. Skull or brain tumor removal surgery recovery will likely continue at home. Your doctor and surgeon will conduct assessments to make sure you are able to walk, talk and perform daily tasks as you recover from brain and skull tumor removal surgery.