Sleep Study

We offer a variety of sleep study options, including at-home testing, so you can discover what’s preventing your night’s rest without the hassle. When it comes to diagnosing sleep disorders, our sleep medicine providers will work with you and your insurance company to create an efficient, affordable plan so you can sleep soundly.

Your sleep medicine experience will begin with a sleep evaluation followed by a consultation and finally a sleep study.

What to Expect During a Sleep Evaluation

A sleep evaluation is an appointment with one of our sleep specialists to help diagnose any sleep disorders or determine if further testing is needed.

Our sleep staff will help set up your first evaluation with a referral from your primary care doctor. We will provide you with all the information you need for your consultation and/or sleep study.

The evaluation will take place in the sleep specialist’s office or at one of our sleep centers. During this appointment, your sleep specialist will discuss and recommend any next steps and determine if you need a sleep study.

Types of Sleep Studies

Banner Health offers two types of sleep studies: inpatient care at a Banner Health sleep center or an at-home sleep study. You and your doctor will determine the best option for you based on your schedule, sleep habits, individual needs and more.

If you and your provider decide the at-home sleep study is best for you, Banner Health will send you the equipment that will monitor you for the duration of the test. Our expert staff will also provide step-by-step instructions for using the equipment so you feel comfortable and prepared.

When/Where Do You Do a Sleep Study?

Sleep studies can be done during the night or day, allowing it to be as close to your normal sleep time as possible to ensure an accurate test. If you are tested in our sleep centers, we provide a comfortable, home-like setting so you can rest easily.

If you are preparing for an inpatient sleep study, you can even schedule a visit to a Banner Health sleep center before your appointment to tour the sleep facility.

For our pediatric patients, we offer special child-friendly rooms that provide a soothing atmosphere to relax your child. The room can even accommodate an overnight stay with a caregiver.

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If you and your provider decide an at-home sleep study is right for you, it will be similar to any other night of sleep. The only key difference is that you will use Banner-provided sleep monitoring equipment to record motion, brainwaves and more.

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How Long is a Sleep Study?

A sleep study typically lasts 6-8 hours, depending on your sleep habits and routine. The study will coincide with the time you normally sleep and end when you wake up for work or daily activities.

What Happens During a Sleep Study?

Your sleep study is designed to monitor you while you sleep to best determine if you have a sleep disorder. When you start your sleep study, you will be hooked up to the equipment provided by Banner Health to monitor activity in the brain, eye movement and motion. This data will be recorded so your doctor can review the information and determine a diagnosis. 

Who Will Be Involved in My Care?

Our sleep medicine program has a collaborative team of sleep specialists. They will work with your primary care provider to diagnose and treat your sleep disorder.

Your team can include any of the following:

  • Sleep technologists
  • Sleep doctors
  • Specialty consultants

When it comes to catching z’s, the sleep specialists at Banner Health are here to help. Ask your provider or sleep specialists any questions you may have about the sleep study process. We’re ready to help you throughout your sleep medicine experience.