Welcome to New Provider Orientation

Thank you for your interest in applying to the medical staff of Banner Lassen Medical Center.

We encourage all new medical staff to review our Banner Health's System Orientation and Policies and Banner Lassen's Bylaws, Rules and Regulations as well as the valuable information below. 

Completion of both the system and the Banner Lassen orientation module is required prior to approval of privileges and can be completed anytime while your medical staff application is in process.

If you have questions or need assistance in completing this orientation module, you may contact Medical Staff Services direct at (530) 252-2225.

Identification Badges Required on Campus

Stop by Human Resources to obtain your ID badge. You will need to provide a legible government-issued ID card (current driver’s license, military ID or passport).

Providers, allied health practitioners, residents and students must wear a Banner identification badge while on campus to access to restricted areas and as identity verification for patients, staff and others.

Banner Lassen Medical Center offers Cyracom Interpretation System and Language Assistant to make sure all patient and physicians can communicate effectively and safely. 

Our Language Assisatant can speak English and Spanish and is available on a volunteer basis to assist the staff with brief communication by calling x 2158.  The Language Assistant does not replace a medical interpreter. 

Banner Lassen also offers interpreting services for American Sign Language (ASL) for hearing impaired or deaf patients. Banner Lassen enables physicians and staff to use Cyracom interpretation phone system. Please contact the nurses station for further assistance to connect to the Cyracom system.

Note:  Title VI of the federal Civil Rights Act requires that hospitals provide interpreting services to Limited English Proficient. It is Banner Lassen policy to use ONLY a hospital medical interpreter or telephone service contracted by Banner Health for interpreting to patients, patients’ family members and physicians. Interpretation by family, friends, or untrained staff members is prohibited.
To protect our patients, staff and visitors, Banner Lassen Medical Center has an extensive plan in place for emergency management.  

Regular meetings and drills are conducted to ensure we are ready to face any potential internal or external threat.

An Emergency Operations Plan is available in the Administration office. 

Becoming familiar with these codes will help you to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency. 

These instructions are also available as an attachment to your security badge.  

For more information, contact Mike Novosad at 530-252-2149.

What is Clinical Informatics? 

Clinical Informatics supports the design and use of our electronic medical record and related patient care process, as well as the adoption and use of clinical systems by our physicians and other care givers to improve the quality and safety of patient care. 

The team will provide ongoing refinement of the “franchise model” (the standardized way we implement Clinical Informatics at our facilities), pre-implementation education and ongoing support to clinicians on new technology implementations. The Clinical Informatics Team will promote the adoption of best practices to improve patient care. 

Meet your Clinical Informatics Coordinator
Carrie Breaux 
Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (but often 5 p.m.) 
Contact at : x 2260 or Clinical Informatics Cell: 251-7819 
After hours and weekends: Call the Support Desk at 1-800-424-8930 or (602) 747-4444. 

When you call the support desk, the CIC on call will be paged. All of the CICs in the Western Region take call for a week at a time. They handle calls for the region after hours and on weekends.

We can assist with:

  • Computer log-ins /password resets 
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) 
  • Cerner Millennium application 
  • Training 
  • On-going Education 
  • Clinical Connectivity 
  • Access to Banner applications from office & home 

Please feel free to contact us for any assistance with your EMR needs.


Each year, providers are required to take part in reorientation. We provide this document to help you remember critical policies here at Banner Lassen Medical Center.

2016 Banner Lassen Medical Center Annual Education