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Welcome to New Provider Orientation

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Banner Health medical staff in Northern Colorado. We hope you will find the resources on this site useful and informative.

Please review all the information below as well as the following: 

Please also review the Bylaws, Rules & Regulations for the NOCO facility you have privileges in. 

Completion of both the Banner Health system and the Northern Colorado orientation module is required prior to approval of privileges and can be completed anytime while your medical staff application is in process. Please review and become familiar with the information provided below. 

If you have questions or need assistance in completing this orientation module, you may contact Medical Staff Services directly at (970) 810-6010.

Identification badges are required on all Banner Health campuses. Stop by the Security Department obtain your ID badge:

  • Upon completion of the credentialing and privileging process, you will need to provide a legible government-issued ID card (current driver’s license, military ID or passport) to Security.
  • Physicians, allied health professionals, residents, and students must wear a Banner identification badge on the upper right side of the torso (not at the waist) while on campus to: 
    • Access restricted areas
    • Provide identity verification for patients, staff and others

If your badge is temporarily misplaced, the Security Department will issue a temporary day badge that must be returned at the end of the day.

Clinical Performance Assessment and Improvement

Formerly known as the Quality Management Department, Clinical Performance Assessment and Improvement (CPAI), oversees quality and patient safety for the Northern Colorado area.

The department ensures accurate and reliable data acquisition and analysis to support clinical and administrative decision- making. 

The department proactively implements Banner franchise model/best practices and hospital-wide solutions in anticipation of quality and risk issues that may impact patient care. 

For more information contact: Dorma Eastman, RN, BSN, MSM, CPHQ, CPAI Director (970) 810-6492.
To protect our patients, staff and visitors, Banner Health facilities have extensive plans in place for emergency management. Regular meetings and drills are conducted to ensure the facility is ready to face any potential internal or external threat.

Department Emergency Instructions are posted in the physician lounge as a reference to codes paged overhead. Becoming familiar with these codes will help you to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency. These instructions are also available as an attachment to your security badge.  

For more information, please contact the Emergency Management Coordinator.

A physician order is required for all patient admissions. Patients may be treated only by providers who have submitted proper credentials and have been duly appointed to membership on the medical staff.

Direct admits:
Call the NoCo Regional Transfer Center at (970) 810-5655 with the provisional diagnosis prior to the patient’s admission. In addition to diagnosis, you will be asked for the following information:  

  • Patient name 
  • Patient birth date 
  • Patient sex 
  • Face sheet 
  • Contact numbers for you or your representative 
  • In certain situations, insurance information is necessary to ensure prior authorization is received.
    (Please note: A written order to admit a patient is not sufficient.  Physician-to-physician contact is necessary.)

About the Northern Colorado Hospitalist Service: 

  • Available 24/7 to admit and provide coverage for adult medical patients in the hospital. 
  • Available for medical consultations on complex adult medical patients in the hospital. 
  • Available any time to admit medically complex patients that a PCP feels may be beyond their comfort level or scope of practice.  
  • If a patient is admitted by the hospitalists, the hospitalists will continue to follow the patient throughout the hospitalization and discharge, unless the patient has an issue that is more appropriately handled by a specialist and transfer of care has been specifically arranged with that specialist.  
  • Hospitalists do not provide a “night time tuck-in service” for physicians, nor do they provide “night-time cross coverage” for patients that are not on their service. Hospitalists are available for urgent medical consultations should the need arise. 
  • If a solo practitioner anticipates that he/she will be unavailable, the hospitalists expect that he/she would notify the hospitalist group and the Emergency department so that any of their patients can be admitted to the hospitalist service. The implicit agreement is that this coverage is available for practitioners who are out of town on vacation or on business, but is not a substitute for having adequate call coverage the remainder of the year. Hospitalist coverage for vacations or emergency leaves must be arranged with the Hospitalist department.

Because Banner facilities are all electronic medical records facility, Medical Records, or Health Information Management Services (HIMS), can be reached by telephone. 

North Colorado Medical Center - Contact HIMS directly at (970) 810-6485

Other services offered by HIMS include:

  • In-house medical records: (970) 810-6485 
  • Dictation: 
    In-house: x7111
    Outside facility: (866) 924-9551 
  • Fax: (970) 810-2083

McKee Medical Center - Contact HIMS directly at (970) 820-6021

  • Other services offered by HIMS include:
    In-house medical records: x1799 
  • Dictation:
    In-house: x7111
    Outside facility: (866) 924-9551
  • Fax: (970) 820-4080

Banner Fort Collins Medical Center - Contact HIMS directly at (970) 821-4376.

Medical Staff Services provides administrative support to the medical staff. Responsibilities include: Medical Staff Bylaws, rules and regulations, regulatory compliance, credentialing, physician demographic updates, student/resident rotations; and the electronic medical staff newsletter. 

At McKee Medical Center, Medical Staff Services is located at the end of the Diagnostic Imaging hallway on the first floor.

  • Phone: (970) 820-6197
  • Fax: (970) 820-1926 

At North Colorado Medical Center, Medical Staff Services is located across from the Physicians’ Lounge on the ground floor in the northwest part of the hallway near the Emergency Department.

  • Phone: (970) 810-6010
  • Fax: (970) 810-6046 

At Fort Collins Medical Center, Medical Staff Services is located on the second floor in between the inpatient rooms and OR area.  

  • Phone: (970) 821-4109  

Physician Integration helps integrate members of the medical staff in the Northern Colorado area with leadership and associates, as well as with other members of the medical staff and physicians in the community. 

The director of Physician Integration periodically will visit you at your office to confirm Banner’s effectiveness, help troubleshoot concerns and provide practice management solutions.

In addition, the director of Physician Integration actively develops physician recruitment and referral networking for the medical staff.

Carol Salter is the director of Physician Integration for the Northern Colorado area. Please contact her at (970) 810-6477 with any concerns, questions, comments or suggestions about practicing medicine in the Northern Colorado area. 


North Colorado Medical Center

Central Scheduling

Medical Imaging studies are scheduled at NCMC, Summit View and Mountain Vista with the majority of imaging studies scheduled at the offsite locations.

Cardiac invasive and non-invasive, Neurology and Pulmonary function studies are scheduled at NCMC.

  • Call (970) 810-6070
  • Fax (970) 9=810-6161
  • Hours: 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Surgery Scheduling

All Endoscopy, Surgical and PAT clinic

  • Call (970) 810-6990
  • Fax ((70) 810-2120

McKee Medical Center

Central Scheduling

To schedule imaging procedures, cardiopulmonary procedures, Vascular procedures, cardiac catheterization and EEG procedures please call the following number. (Most Outpatient imaging procedures are done at Skyline Imaging.) 

  • Call (970) 820-6191
  • Fax (970) 820-6834
  • Hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

Surgery Scheduling

To schedule all surgeries, endoscopy, esophageal manometry, esophageal motility, anorectal manometry, acid/pH monitoring, impedance/pH reflux monitoring, chemotherapy, IV, antibiotic therapy, port flushes, port draws, therapeutic donations, OB C-sections, OB inductions and OB non-stress tests call: 

  • Call (970) 820-4130
  • Fax (970) 820-6040

Sleep Lab

  • Call (970) 820-4027
  • Fax (970) 820-6040


Our Security patrols 24/7, offering both internal and external support to providers, patients, associates and visitors. Our facilities also have a K-9 Unit.

Lost and Found is located in the Security Department. 

If you observe suspicious conduct or behavior while on hospital property or if you or someone else is the victim of a crime, call security dispatch at: 

  • North Colorado Medical Center: (970) 810-6960
  • Mckee Medical Center: (970) 820-6118

Download this PDF to learn about these other services offered at Northern Colorado facilities: 

  • Laboratory Services
  • Specialty consults
  • Technology on campus