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MyClinical Exchange

MyClinical Exchange is the system Banner Health uses to onboard students for clinical rotations. Any questions regarding MyClinical Exchanges should be directed to your school clinical coordinator.

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Guidelines & Expectations

Learn about badge requirements, dress codes, cell phone usage and more.

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Immunization Standards

  • COVID-19 vaccines are highly recommended but not required. We also do not currently require a COVID-19 exceptions. 
  • The current influenza vaccine is required during respiratory season
  • Contact your school clinical coordinator for additional information regarding immunization requirements.  

Interested in doing a clinical Rotation with Banner Health?

Students, before contacting our team, please connect first with your school coordinator for any questions regarding compliance, uploading of an immunization form, drug screening, and questions related to MyClinicalExchange (mCE). They will be able to provide a response faster than this inbox.

For question about the onboarding process for student clinical rotations, use the button below to contact a Banner Center for Careers Team Member (BCHC). 

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